DG Floorplanet 500-05
DG Diagonal wire 09

New Flock technique by Dutchglobe.

Dutchglobe has developed a new technique for intens colors.

The aluminium forms wil be provided by Flock colors to make

the light intens and bright. With or without the bulb on !

Coming begin 2016!

Teardrop TOO

Begin 2016 a new armature will be introduced.

The Dutchglobe Too  is a full teardrop and will be

launched in gold structure metallic, 3 elips torque plates

connects  the upper scale with the lower one to make a complete teardrop.


Arend Jan Hovestadt

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    All the items are produced in Holland with a lot of precision, love and craftmanship.

  • Custom production

    In case of  special wishes from architects or clients, we can produce  “custom made”  products.

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